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Conditions for Change

Nick and Todd discuss the conditions that facilitate genuine change.


Nick and Todd chat catastrophizing.


Nick and Todd discuss the psychology of procrastination.

News Anxiety

Nick and Todd discuss News Anxiety.

Where Does Confidence Come From?

Nick and Todd try to sort out the true source of confidence.

Psychological people watching

Nick and Todd discuss all the amazingly insightful things we (don't) read into people while we're people watching.

Therapy is not done to you.

Nick and Todd discuss the biggest myth about how therapy works.

The Productivity Trap

Nick and Todd discuss the productivity trap.

So you want to be a therapist...

Nick and Todd discuss what it's really like being a therapist, what it takes to get there, and how to think about therapy as a possible career.

Confidentiality in Therapy

Nick and Todd discuss confidentiality in therapy.


Nick and Todd discuss self-honesty.

Our Favorite Parts of Therapy

Nick and Todd talk about their favorite parts of therapy.


Nick and Todd talk about self-care.

Anger Management

Nick and Todd discuss anger management.

Mid-life Crisis

Nick and Todd discuss the mid-life crisis.


Nick and Todd discuss self-sabotage.

Compromise in Relationships

Nick and Todd discuss what healthy compromise in relationships looks like.

Symptoms vs Deeper Issues

Nick and Todd discuss the complicated relationship between symptoms and "deeper issues."

Listening to People's Problems

Nick and Todd discuss whether or not it's frustrating to listen to people's problems all day long.

Fake Guilt

Nick and Todd discuss the concept of "Fake Guilt."

Mental Health Habits

Nick and Todd discuss their personal mental health habits

Confrontation & Conflict

Nick and Todd discuss confrontation & conflict

Advice Giving

Nick and Todd discuss Advice Giving and the best advice​ we've ever received.

Pain vs Suffering

Nick and Todd discuss the distinction between pain and suffering and why it matters for mental health.

Resentment & Forgiveness

Nick and Todd talk about the psychology of resentment and forgiveness.


Nick and Todd discuss self-awareness—what it is and whether or not you can get more of it.

Self-Esteem vs Self-Efficacy

Nick and Todd almost disagree about Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy.


Nick and Todd talk about perfectionism.

Healthy Conflict in Relationship​s

Nick and Todd discuss what healthy conflict in a relationship looks like.

Depression 101

Nick and Todd talk depression basics.

Expectations in Relationships

Nick and Todd discuss the pitfalls of rigid expectations​ in relationships.

Stress Management

Nick and Todd discuss stress management.


Nick and Todd talk mindfulness.


Nick and Todd discuss Insomnia.

What Is Trauma?

Nick and Todd discuss Trauma.

Men and Depression with Dr. Jonas Horwitz

Nick and Todd talk with Dr. Jonas Horwitz about men and depression.

Personal Insight

Nick and Todd discuss personal insight.


Nick and Todd discuss loneliness.


Nick and Todd discuss unhealthy comparisons.

Social Media

Nick and Todd talk social media and mental health

Self-Talk (Ep 48)

Nick and Todd discuss Self-Talk.

Guilt (Ep 47)

Nick and Todd discuss guilt and some common misconceptions about it.

Assertiveness Part 4: Obstacles (Ep 46)

Nick and Todd round out the series on assertiveness by discussing common obstacles to becoming more assertive.

Assertiveness Part 3: Saying No (Ep 45)

In the third part of our series on assertiveness, we discuss how to how to protect our values by learning to say no more effectively.

Assertiveness Part 2: Approach (Ep 44)

In the second part of our series on assertiveness we discuss how to assertively go after what's truly important, inclusing asking for what we want in relationships.

Assertiveness Part 1: Values (Ep 43)

Nick and Todd kick of a series of episodes on assertiveness with a discussion of why clarifying your values is key to becoming more assertive.

Do Shrinks Overthink Everything? (Ep 42)

Nick and Todd breakdown a listener question about whether therapists tend to overthink things.

New Year's Resolutions (Ep 41)

Nick and Todd argue about New Year's resolutions.

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