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Can You Think Too Much About Feelings?

Nick and Todd talk about whether you can think too much about how you feel.


Todd and Nick talk about codependency.

The Psychology of Blame

Todd and Nick discuss the psychology of blame.

Courage vs. Confidence

Nick and Todd discuss the critical difference between courage and confidence and why it matters for mental health.

How to Handle Other People's Defensiveness

Nick and Todd discuss how to handle other people's defensiveness.

How to Stop Being So Defensive

Nick and Todd talk about some tips for how to stop being so defensive.

Do You Trust Yourself?

Nick and Todd tackle a strange question: Do you trust yourself?

Emotional Maturity

Nick and Todd discuss what it means to be emotionally mature.

Vicarious Trauma

Todd and Nick discuss the concept of vicarious trauma.

Dealing with Narcissists

Nick and Todd discuss how to deal with narcissists (or not...)

Imposter Syndrome

Todd and Nick tackle imposter syndrome.

Personal Values

Todd and Nick discuss personal values: what they are and why they matter.

Can You Control Your Thoughts?

Todd and Nick discuss the extent to which we can (and can't) control our own thoughts.

Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior

Nick and todd discuss obsessive-compulsive behavior.


Nick and Todd discuss hyper-responsibility.

Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts

Nick and Todd discuss unwanted intrusive thoughts—what they are, how they work, and how to handle them well.


Nick and Todd discuss self-acceptance.

Setting Healthy Boundaries

Nick and Todd talk about how to set healthy boundaries.

How to Examine Failures in a Useful Way

Nick and Todd discuss how to look at your failures and mistakes in a helpful way.

Do We Really Need Therapy Anymore?

Nick and Todd discuss whether or not therapy is really necessary anymore given the many resources and tools available online.

How to Be More Empathetic

Nick and Todd discuss empathy—what it is and how to be better at it.

Am I Passing on My Anxiety to My Kids?

Nick and Todd discuss many parent's fear of passing on their own anxiety to their children.


Nick and Todd discuss Self-Sabotage, including what it is, why we do it, and how to stop.

Why We Search for Impossible Answers

Nick and Todd discuss why we tend to search for impossible answers.

How to Be More Vulnerable

Nick and Todd discuss emotional vulnerability.


Nick and Todd discuss the psychology of jealousy.

Chronic Relationship Worry

Nick and Todd discuss chronic relationship worry.

Can You Teach Yourself to Be Curious?

Nick and Todd discuss the psychology behind curiosity and whether you can teach yourself to be more curious.

Is 'Think Positive' Good advice?

Nick and Todd discuss whether or not "think positive" is good advice.

Managing Unrealistic Expectations

Nick and Todd talk about how to manage unrealistic expectations.

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